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Care Philosophy

At the heart of Semaphore’s philosophy of care is respecting resident’s choices. This includes the facilitation of external clubs and groups, consideration of dietary requirements and cultural preferences, as well as offering in-room dining. Semaphore’s dedicated team of professionals offer a wide range of stimulating, individual and social activities to encourage our residents to live a rich and vibrant lifestyle. We pride ourselves on caring for your individual physical health and wellbeing needs and believe the services we deliver at our Semaphore property reflect our commitment to providing residents with a positive and healthy living environment.

Semaphore takes a comprehensive and coordinated approach involving residents, their families, staff and allied health professionals including dieticians, speech pathologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, geriatricians, psychologists, audiologists, optometrists and dentists. Residents are also supported by a continence advisor, older persons mental health and dementia programs, as well as the implementation of a Rehab Support Program when required.

A care plan is developed for each resident and reviewed every 6 months, with medical needs directed by their GP. The Semaphore team takes pride in their approach to residents coming into care as a result of a health event, with a sensory program tailored to meet their needs in a culturally appropriate manner.

Daily Life

At Semaphore, nutritional balanced meals and good company is a part of daily life. Our restaurant trained onsite chef works passionately in consultation with residents, families and a dietician to provide a range of meals tailored to individual needs. Often cooking and serving the meals directly to residents, the chef is provided real time feedback that is used in creating the menus, whilst building a trusted relationship with the residents. Meal times are also used as an opportunity to create meaningful experiences for residents, including special events such as our BBQ days. 

The importance of developing a sense of community and belonging is achieved with each resident having their own lifestyle care plan to meet their spiritual, social and emotional needs. Semaphore’s dedicated lifestyle team provides a range of vibrant and interesting activities. Residents are encouraged to engage at their own pace, including activities designed around sensory needs, music, armchair travel, happy hours and reminiscing. For those residents who prefer the security and comfort of their own room and surroundings, our extended room visit program is designed to meet their social and leisure needs.

‘Entertain or be entertained’ is the motto when joining in the festivities of our much-loved music and singing sessions held in the communal areas. For those more inclined to quieter activities, our communal areas provide plenty of room to seek out a peaceful spot and enjoy a good book, a game of bingo / cards. Various social clubs such as knitting, crochet and gardening bring together like-minded residents on a regular basis to catch up with friends and learn new skills or refine the ones they already have! Celebrations such as Christmas, Easter, Mothers/Fathers Day are approached with vigour and enthusiasm and provide the perfect opportunity for residents (along with their family and friends), to socialise and participate in the community spirit enjoyed at our facility.


A door to door laundry service caters for the personal care requirements of all our residents. Residents can also enjoy weekly hairdressing appointments in the relaxing surrounds of the purpose-built salon. Whilst residents enjoy the wonderful beachside vista on a daily basis, they also delight in the opportunity to socialise with friends on our coordinated day trips. Regular outings such as shopping, visits to the library, movies and scenic drives are facilitated by our staff.

Residents can enjoy social leave to enhance an active lifestyle and support engagement in local community activities or outings in accordance with their care plan. Opportunities to bring the community to Semaphore are provided by our passionate lifestyle staff who work closely with residents and their families to understand their individual wants and needs.

Residents are also supported with pet therapy, movement and physical therapy. In collaboration with our on-site chef, Semaphore also offers the opportunity for residents to be involved in cooking activities.


The team at Semaphore are dedicated to alleviating the stress and uncertainty experienced navigating the aged care system. We look forward to answering any queries you may have and can guide you through the often overwhelming financial aspects to provide you with the information required to make an informed decision. Please contact us for vacancies or to book a tour.

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